10 Strategies of Marketing


Marketing is an important tool in ensuring success in your business. A marketing strategy will decide the path as in a great plan of action to promote and sell a product or service effectively. As a marketing strategist for your own business, you will be able to create good results that seem like a dream all this while. The basic goal in marketing is to achieve a long and sustainable benefit for you and your business.

Most of the people who have been mentored by Dr.Azizan Osman have applied any three strategies for their businesses and have created huge profits. These are effective strategies by Dr.Azizan Osman who has been in the marketing and business
industry for more than 10 years. The people who followed his great ideas have paved their paths and became successful millionaire entrepreneurs. By applying these techniques, you’ll also get more customers searching you and your loyal customers will definitely fall in love with the way you manage your business.

Here are the 10 marketing strategies that will help you achieve business goals effectively.

1. Ensure the right target customers
Before you begin to use marketing techniques, you need to ensure who your targeted customers are. You need to get the details such as age, gender and the background of the customer. You need to know your targeted audience rather than targeting everyone for your business. It doesn’t work well. In marketing, you need to ensure your target market will help you focus better and in being more persuasive.

You need to bear in mind three aspects below:
1) Specify a proper age for your targeted audience. For example, 15- 30 years old.
2) Choose the gender either male or female.
3) Research on the background of your customer .The occupation he or she has, hobbies, religion and citizenship. A clear target market will make it easier for you to plan your marketing strategy and thus
becoming the magnet to attract customers.

2. Analyse critical issues
A good marketing differs from an inefficient marketing. A good marketing makes full use of issues faced by customers. Due to that cause, its important to know what causes trouble in a customer’s life. How to know what issue your customer faces? You can follow these three steps.

Detailed observation
Short surveys
Asking industrial experts

The more you understand your customer, the greater the impact you can create and in return, it shows the efficience of your marketing strategies.

3. Distribute brochures
Another effective marketing strategy is distributing brochures. Effective brochures become a magnet to attract customers. Beautiful brochures will not go to waste and people who receive them will not have the heart to throw the brochures away.

Learn to distribute brochures in an effective way. If you pay people to distribute brochures in certain areas, teach them the first rule in marketing and that is a powerful smile.

4. Ads in newspaper and magazines
Magazines and newspapers are the media strategies which create a big impact for entrepreneurs in Malaysia. It is because both are influencers in the eyes of the community. For those who own big budgets, make the newspapers or magazines as a marketing medium for your readers. You have to invest at least RM3000. This depends on the popularity and credibility of the medium involved.

5. Contribute
One of the best marketing strategies is to contribute. It’s one of the ways to gain customer trust in a short period of time. Organizations are seen as symbols of generosity. In business, you need to donate what you can.Do not give something to show off to your customers.

6. Own potential customer information
Customer’s data is a gold mine in the aspect of business. Any business that you do, start to collect as much data as possible. Examples of data are names, telephone number and emails of your customers. Until you don’t store customer data in a safe place, you won’t be able to grow to a better and higher level in business. By owning customer data, you get to activate promotions to market products without any hassle.

7. Attract customers with front end product
There is a marketing strategy that can hook customers right away and that is by selling a product at a cheaper price. For an instance, to sell a shampoo product, you will offer your customers hair wash service priced at RM3 only.
This marketing tactic is known as front end product strategy. The aim is only one which is to use the tactic to get customers deal or buy from you. Research says that 67% of your customers will buy what you offer if they have been loyal customers right from the start.

8. Follow Entrepreneur Club
An entrepreneur club is also a right choice in the many marketing strategies that will help you succeed in business. For a quick start, register in the club or entrepreneurs group. This method will assist you to meet more customers in a feasible way. At that moment you will get to learn to be an active member in the respective club. There will be more benefits for you to gain when you have joined the club. One good example is, you will be more efficient when it comes to marketing. More members of the club will get to know you and the business you’re doing.

9. Celebrate your business with customers
The best way to get your customers to remember you is by sharing your business success with them. Throw an exclusive event such as Customer Engagement Day. This will make them feel respected and appreciated. Create events that will foster a good relationship with your loyal customers as a sign of honouring them. Other examples include having Ramadhan Break Fast events together and also to celebrate family day with them.

10. Networking Strategy
Successful marketing underlines the lateness of recommendation given by your subordinates. So, you should not stop meeting many people. If there is any advantage to meet many people, grab the chance and introduce your business to them.

The more people you know, the more you get to do. For an instance, your business will have more exposure as you have reached more people by marketing your business. Even though you do business from home, you get to spare time for getting new contacts through business.


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