How to be successful in online marketing?


Online marketing is essential for your permanent success in business. Here are 9 steps to guide you in achieving success through online marketing.

1.Launch and grow a start up
The best method in being a successful online marketer for your first business is to be ready. When you’re ready, you will be able to launch and grow a start up on your own. The only thing you need to remember is how and when to use online marketing to grow your business to a higher level.

It requires your commitment, passion and certainty to start something new. Consider the options you have even before the launch. The aspects to consider before launch includes the tools and your targeted audience. This will give you the confidence to build something new and grow your business for years to come without a single doubt or
giving up on what you have started.

2.Identify goals
The most important view in marketing is goals. Whether big or small, it should be relevant and attainable. You can follow another entrepreneur’s idea to sell ice cream but what if there is no customer in your area who likes ice cream and you just sell ice cream for a day instead of every day for 30 days?

Goals are very important in business. Before you begin to work on your business idea, you should know why you are doing it in the first place.This thought itself will help you find your goal. Once you have identified your goal, make it a habit to do what you need to do, to achieve your goal. Goals are the trigger of good habits and to ensure your goals are logical and attainable, you should research why and how a certain goal can help you earn more.

3.Identify your audience
Another important aspect is to identify the audience for your niche. The best way to identify them is through three categories.


With these three categories, you can define and decide for whom you should sell your product and even conduct surveys to figure out what your targeted audience like and dislike. While doing this, you’ll get to know that knowing your targeted market will help you to excel better in your business.

4.Select the best platforms
One of the best platforms for online marketing is Facebook. Facebook is all over the world including Malaysia and it is widely used by businesses, students, employees and single mothers. For your business or brand, Facebook is the ultimate platform to share the knowledge of your business or ideas that could help solve community issues.

Your Facebook page or group should be one that is unique and very informational so that you will be able to attract the Facebook users. The difference between both is, Facebook page is considered to have likes and followers button compared to Facebook group which is a page to cover an organization or business to promote the current activities and in fact, upload videos from time to time to interest the minds of online users.

Another platform is YouTube or Instagram. It could be for your business and even videos uploaded in YouTube can be linked with your Instagram account. How does it work? You have your own Instagram business page and you are loaded with many followers following your ideas. One of the first things to do is to upload a mini cover on your latest business event or marketing campaign in Instagram and the full video for audiences in YouTube. These platforms could give you more exposure while also informing your existing and new customers on what’s your latest business approach.

5.Deliver consistently
Another major act of a successful online marketer is, he or she delivers consistently. This means, to be successful in online marketing, a team or a business person should work to bring ideas to the table each week to ensure continuous success in business. The best part is, you will get to see an increase rate in business profits and number of sales increasing day by day.

6.Persuade influencers
Persuasion can be a good tool for you to be a successful marketer. This is because a persuasive attitude equals to huge success in business meetings or even online promotions. For an instance, you decide to go live on Facebook. The next minute, you notice you have an increased number of followers for your Facebook business page. Why? Your existing customers like your persuasive attitude. So, they share your online business video in their pages. It instantly attracts more followers to your page.

7.Grow your audience
Your online audience is the biggest asset for any business you do. It has become a trend these days for online users to getting hooked to an online business page because it is the perfect platform for them to get the latest information about your products and services. It is also a gateway for you and them to discuss feedbacks, solve issues and also share ideas to your entrepreneur followers on how they can keep their businesses on the go. The idea will turn out to be a massive hit as you could grow your audience to a larger number day by day.

8.Engage with your audience
Another way to achieve success is to always make effort to engage with your audience. They need your input and time for constant motivation and support. Audiences will be closer to you if you have created a big impact in their lives or businesses. For an instance, Facebook chat is a way for you to instantly connect with your audience and help them whenever they feel they need you. When you constantly show care and help them in various ways, you are already one step ahead of your competitors .

9. Employ a qualified digital manager
The last part for your en route to successful online marketing is to employ a very qualified digital manager. He or she can assist you to manage your online followers and also the team under this person will take initiatives so that your customers could keep in touch with your latest product or service. In fact, when you do live videos, your digital manager will help by keeping the comments update and replying on your behalf as you need to focus on delivering content for your online customers.


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